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Master Bathroom And Closet Space Renovation

Master Bathroom and Closet Space Renovation

On Monday, May 23rd, we will begin another renovation of the master bedroom and closet space for a couple that has been living in their home since it was built in 1992. They are the only owners and have enjoyed it as is, for all of these years.

However, to this day, they have outgrown the closets and are looking for a more “ZEN” feeling with a symmetrical balance and a greater, more purposeful use of their vast volume of space. After several months of planning and reconfiguring, we have come up with a floor plan, which we are sure will accomplish our clients’ goals and meet their expectations.

Below, we have laid out both the current plan, as it is today, and the proposed plan, which we will begin construction on in the coming days. Since I thorougly enjoyed chronicling the last bathroom we renovated, I have decided to do it again. Photos of the current bathroom will be posted within the next couple of days, and we will post every Friday starting next week in order to demonstrate our progress.

Stay tuned!

Master Bathroom And Closet Renovation | Sam Kellogg

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