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Week 2 Of A Master Bathroom Renovation

Week 2 of a Master Bathroom Renovation

thumb_IMG_2307_1024It’s week two of the renovation, and we have been working on framing the bathroom. We decided that the best step to take would be to add 42” in depth and 84” inches in width to the master bathroom and to pull this space from the fourth bedroom. Leaving bedroom #4 with a 12″ wide by 18″ deep measurement, we were able to frame the bathroom well and still provide a spacious, secondary bedroom that would be comfortable for any future owner.

Master Bathroom Renovation | Sam Kellogg Interior DesignerWe also ran plumbing through the tub and shower, within their new locations in the bathroom. We tested the water flow for the tub’s spout and found it to be working efficiently and with great power. There were no surprises or mishaps, as everything went smoothly. We are confident to say that we are still on schedule to finish the project in the six weeks we had originally projected. The owners are pleased, and we are looking forward to the next steps for week 3. Stay tuned!

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