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Week 4 Of A Master Bathroom Renovation

Week 4 of a Master Bathroom Renovation

Master Bathroom Renovation | Sam Kellogg Interior DesignerWeek #4 comprised of the installation of dura rock to be used specifically on the walls to adhere tile and stone. It is constructed out of mesh and concrete and is sold in sheets of 4’ X 8’, much like drywall and green board. It is a basic staple in the construction of any area that is tiled or covered in stone. In addition to the drywall installation, the first coat of plaster was applied to cover the seams between the drywall and green board.

Master Bathroom Renovation | Sam Kellogg Interior DesignerThe niches for the soap and other articles are now visible, and the controls and piping for the shower and tub spout and hand-held shower head are also completed.The two pipes for the tub drain and the channel drain for the shower are also finished. The unwell toilet tank control and the piping and supports for the wall hung toilet have been remodeled successfully. Stay tuned for Week #5!

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